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I plan to eat the following foods 
instead of canned meats: 

Places I can call for information about 
Hawaiian foods and how to cook them. 

5515 SeOU«y»^"«' 20852 

Native Hawaiian 

"Take Care of Your Body" Booklet 
Reading Grade Level: 2 
Dimensions: S.5' x 8.S" 



Take Care of 
Your Body 

Here's how: 
Eat less canned meats! 
They have a lot of fat. 

Eating less canned meat may cut down on your chances 
of becoming overweight and getting certain types of 
cancer or heart disease. Traditional Hawaiian meals are 
still the best for yourself and your family. 


I ''I 

Try to make these traditional Hawaiian meals. 

Steamed tare, three-bean salad, 
and baked chicken. 

Brown rice, fruit, 

and tofu with 


Poi, steamed vegetables, 
and lawalufish. 

Mai ami i koii kino! (Take care of your body!)